About Various Online Casino Software Providers

Millions of people enjoy online casino gaming every day. But do they really understand who deserves most of the credit for making it all possible?

The truth is, the engine that makes all of online gaming run is the software that is used. It provides the look and feel of all the games, as well as the convenience of great player options that allow casino customers to adjust a number of things, like the size and sounds, not to mention utilize options to make the game easier and more pleasurable.

And the industry is indeed fortunate that it has a number of very capable companies that have become leaders in the field. They've come a long way in a short period of time.

Microgaming is considered by most people to be the foremost company in the business, and they have been around for a long time, having established an online casino of their own almost twenty years ago, before stepping back to concentrate on what has become their specialty, which is developing online casino software for everybody else. Microgaming has unquestionably the largest selection of games available in the world; their casino clients who carry the full suite have almost 600 games for their players to enjoy. The majority of these games are slots, and many of the games in general give the player the ability to create a constant bet, push a button and let the game play all by itself, a phenomenon known as "AutoPlay." And players can also customarily track their results through another nifty player option.

Playtech has been around about as long as Microgaming, and this company has a very versatile portfolio, with participation not only in casino gaming, but in poker, bingo, sports and the mobile platform. Playtech is widely known for the quality of its 3D graphics, and though it may not have a collection of games that is as expansive as, say, Microgaming, the high quality of the slots in unquestioned. Part of their roster includes the "Marvel Slots" group, in which Playtech has a licensing agreement to run games based on characters like X-Men, Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk.

For United States customers, Realtime Gaming carries a special interest, because their software is accessible to players in the U.S., meaning that it is one of the top choices for any casino that wishes to be "U.S.-facing." The company, known to everyone in the industry as "RTG," also has a stellar game roster, with its "Reel Slots" collection having made a lot of noise in the business.

These companies all aim to please, and they succeed!