How To Make Withdrawals From Online Casinos

So you have found a casino you really like and have signed up for a real money account. You have played the games and played them often. You have converted your signup bonus into funds that have been added to your account, and you have played with enough skill - or been blessed with enough luck - that you have made a profit in the casino. Congratulations, because you have done better than most. But at this point you would like to see some of that "hard-earned" cash come back into your pocket.

What now?

Well, you make a withdrawal.

There's a process for that in an online casino. But it is important to understand that it doesn't necessarily come back as fast or as easy as you put it in. That's life, but it doesn't have to be a hassle.

All online casinos have a process through which you are allowed to make withdrawals, and it is probably a good idea for you to check them about ahead of time before you deposit any money. You certainly want to be aware of how you're getting paid. If you have made the deposit with a credit card, there is a strong likelihood that you will not be able to make a withdrawal back into that credit card account, so you'll have to choose another way. Some casinos have made that choice for you, as they only do it through a wire transfer into a bank account, or a check.

A lot of people in the United States might be wary of the bank business in particular, because the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act has cracked down on banks doing business with online casinos. But of course the casino have become wise to this, and they have become pretty good at camouflaging the source of the payment.

How long does it take? Well, that is a good question, and the best answer is that it varies. Some casinos will send out money in response to a withdrawal request within 24-48 hours, although you could be waiting a couple of weeks with many others. Some casinos are extremely slow, and you can always refer to watchdog sites on the Web if you want to see consumer reports and complaints about the withdrawal process. One thing to keep in mind, regardless of the speed of the transaction, is that there is usually a limit as to how much you can withdraw in any 24-hour period, so even if you hit REAL big, you may have to take it back a little at a time!