Resources - Listing of Sites BIP News Room Deems Helpful

We've found over the years here at BIP News Room that the best way to find out about various sites, services and other offerings online is via referral. This section of our site has been put together to provide you with resources we've deemed to be worthy of visiting. The sites featured below we feel provide good and consistent information and are reputable resources that can be used to help better make decisions about where to play, how to play, which bonuses to take advantage of and may be best for you and much more. We hope you enjoy and find these resources useful.

  1. Latest Casino Bonuses - Most comprehensive guide we've ever come across that features information about casino bonuses. They also offer the biggest selection of exclusive bonuses we've seen as well.

  2. Poker Listings - Great guide to poker (definitely one of the guides we continue to look for with regards to strategy, promotions, bonuses, tournaments, and live coverage).

  3. Gamblers Anonymous - If you or anyone you know may have a problem gambling either online or offline ad land based casinos this resource is worth forwarding onto them. Obsessive gambling is a disease and needs to be treated before it becomes out of hand.

  4. Ask Gamblers Community - A great community of players that share and provide information about online casinos and gambling. Bonus tips, advice and other such information can also be found within this forum and message board on Ask Gamblers.